Losing life to find it... (Originally posted 24/09/2015)

In Mark 8, Jesus says the following challenging words to those who would follow him:
'If anyone wants to follow me, they must deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow me. Whoever wants to save their own life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for me and the gospel will find it.'

These words apply as much to our missional communities and our congregation as they do to individuals. It is only by giving our lives away - for Jesus and for the sake of the Gospel - that we find life that is truly life. Will we become a congregation that gives itself away - time, talents and money - outside of ourselves and not for our own benefit? Or will we become selfish and inward, trying to keep what we have for ourselves? The former leads to life - true life, given by the risen Jesu himself - and the latter leads to losing what little life we think we have.

Will our missional communities make the transition from formation to mission - to giving life away? Will we welcome new people in Jesus' name, even though it would be more comfortable to stay with the group we have? Will our MCs go through the hard work of mutiplying, so we won't always meet with the people we have grown to be family to?
If we do, we will follow the crucified and risen one into true life.
May Jesus lead us to give our lives away for him and for the gospel.

Bethany Hedt