Walking with the risen Jesus (Originally posted 24/09/2015)

The vision statement of our new church is ‘Walking with the risen Jesus.’ This arises out of a ‘home passage,’ or founding biblical narrative, Luke 24:13-35. I invite you to consider how the following aspects of this passage will shape our life as God’s people together and our mission:

·         Jesus meets people where they are at.

·         The risen Jesus is present with us, whether or not we recognise him.

·         We encounter Jesus in Scripture.

·         The journey is at least as important as the destination.

·         Jesus listens deeply to the sad and weary disciples. He hears their story and asks questions which draw them out, not close down conversation.

·         The disciples encounter and recognise the risen Jesus as they extend hospitality to the stranger.

·         The meal is important in mission.


·         Jesus does not force himself on people but invites their invitation to come deeper into their lives.

Bethany Hedt