Financial Support

For Christians, giving is an act of worship and stewardship.

Through generosity, we recognise and respond to the truth that God provides us with all we need.

Financial support for church planting brings you into partnership in the gospel with our generous God, and with our church planting team, in spreading the good news in and around Pakenham.  Pakenham Lakeside Church is an approved sponsorship project of the Lutheran Church of Australia - Victoria/Tasmania District. 

Please prayerfully consider your support, as either an External Partner, or as part of the Pakenham Lakeside Church community. 

External partners

We ask external partner churches and individual partners to use one of the following ways of giving financially to support the mission of our church plant.

As an authorised recipient of the LCA- Victorian District Sponsorship Program (DSP), we also ask that you get in touch with the District for the coordination of this support, using this link or by emailing

Direct bank transfer using these details:  

BSB: 704942
Account number: 100895182
Account Name: PLMP External giving

Secure Credit Card giving link

Local church members and attenders

Members and regular attenders of our church are encouraged to give prayerfully, as a priority, proportionately and progressively. We encourage you to fill in a ‘Secret Proportional Giving Form’ and use bank transfer, Regular Electronic Giving (REG), or Credit Card Giving to support our mission. There are several benefits of this for both you and for our church.

Direct bank transfer using these details:

BSB: 704942
Account number: 152523
Account Name: PLMP Congregation giving

Secure Credit Card giving

If you want to make this anonymous, please simply put 'anonymous' in the Name field.

Using these methods helps you to give regularly, intentionally and proportionately. It helps you to make your offering a first-fruits of thanksgiving to God, as an expression of your response to God's generosity. It means less handling of cash for our treasurer. It ensures a steady and predictable income for the church. It helps our church to budget for giving outside of ourselves to local and global mission.