About Our Church

Pakenham is one of the fastest growing urban areas in Australia. God loves the people of this city in the south east growth corridor of Melbourne. We're moved by God's love to share the good news with people here, especially the many young families.

We are on a mission to grow a vibrant church here, with the support of the Lutheran Church of Australia. 

Our Mission

Pakenham Lakeside Church exists to invite and equip all people to walk with the risen Jesus. 

This biblical purpose is inspired by Luke 24:13-35. In this account of the first Easter day, two disciples walk with the risen Jesus, without realising it's him. He unfolds the Scriptures for them, shows them hospitality, and eventually lets them know that he really is alive, and he's been with them on their journey. 

Likewise, our vision is to 'walk with the risen Jesus' in daily life. We equip people to walk with him by recognising he is with us on the journey (even the tough parts); we meet with Jesus in the scripture (God's Word which points us to Jesus); we engage in hospitality with each other and meet Jesus in the meal, and we share in the mission that God has given us of sharing the good news that Jesus is alive.

We invite others to join us on the journey with Jesus. We put this into practice using the following practical steps: connect (pray and build relationships); care (loving our neighbour in practical ways); communicate (share the good news of Jesus and how we, and the people we meet, fit into this story); and invite people to ‘come and see’ what it means to walk with Jesus and follow him in daily life.

Walking with the risen Jesus

We are people who know the good news that Jesus is alive, and who are experiencing the transforming power of walking with the risen Jesus! We know that Jesus is not just a 'good man' but actually God with us as a human being, who has come to bring us forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration of ourselves, our relationships, and our broken world.

This good news makes such a difference in our lives that we want to take up God's invitation to be partners with what God is doing in the world.

God gives us an identity as his family which can't be taken away by things that are happening around us.

God calls us to serve other people, freeing us from the burden of thinking that the world revolves around us, and surprising us with joy as we share in God's generosity.

And God sends us out into our world, into our daily lives, bearing the good news of Jesus in words and actions.


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