Walking with the risen Jesus (Luke 24:13-40)

Our church exists to recognise Jesus’ presence, and to invite and equip people to walk with him in daily life.

Our tagline is inspired by the story of Jesus meeting with two disciples on the road to Emmaus on the first Easter day. This story helps shape the way that we invite people to walk with Jesus and equip people to walk with Jesus.

Invite people to walk with Jesus: Connect - Care - Communicate - ‘Come and see’

Equip people to walk with Jesus: The Journey - the Meal - the Scripture - the Mission

Just as Jesus met the two disciples where they were at, we connect with people and get to know their story and where they are at in their journey.

As Jesus shared the meal with them and was recognised by them in his hospitality, we care for others through hospitality including meals and acts of service. We do this because Jesus has been a servant to us.

Just as Jesus opened the Scriptures to the two disciples, we communicate what we know of Jesus and of God’s work in our story, and in God’s story - the scripture.

When the disciples discovered they had been walking with the risen Jesus, they hurried to tell others. We invite others to ‘come and see’ Jesus and get to know him because we are included in his mission.

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Connect step 1

Prayer card: we commit to praying John 3:16 for these four people for one year.